What’s artificial intelligence, will it replace humans?

The World has completely changed, and no one would have imagined that it would change at such a fast pace. We got to witness so many changes in the past decades, and some of these things were just unimaginable. Like who would have imagined that a project like ARPANET would change our lives completely by giving us a thing which we today call the Internet.

When we say impossible things, artificial intelligence is one of these things. We would witness a complete change in the world with this artificial intelligence thing. It is just like a big revolution in the world of computer science, and we are indeed moving very fast towards this revolution. Now without any further ado or delay let’s understand what is ai and how it will help us in our lives and very understandably wholly change our lives.

AI is Artificial intelligence, it is not just a field related to computer science.

What’s AI?


AI is Artificial intelligence, it is not just a field related to computer science. It is a complete domain related to this computer science field. Artificial intelligence is a domain which consists of mainly three significant fields and these fields are extraordinary in their way. These include it, machine learning and another thing which we call a cloud.

So we can very safely say AI is an authentic field. AI is a field of computer science which focuses on creating intelligence machines likes humans. These machines would work like humans. How humans work and react, these intelligent machines would act in the same way.

Like we humans are equipped with basic knowledge of reasoning


Like we humans are equipped with basic knowledge of reasoning, problem-solving ability, and learning and perceiving things. Machines are bereft of these abilities and machines would become intelligent like humans when machines would be exposed to a lot of information like we humans are exposed to.

Machines need information and then using that information humans are making these machines learn more and more about this world. Artificial intelligence is making these machines act as humans who acquire a lot of information from the outer world and then act upon that information and eventually acts knowingly.


Let us take an example. We know Apple is red, but the machine does not know that until and unless we make it learn that thing. We will expose machine to this information that apple is red time and time again, and eventually machine would learn this information that apple is red, and it would not forget it as the machine is exposed to more and more situations where apple is red, and accuracy is tested time and time again until the machine becomes perfect. So this thing is Machine learning, and it is just one domain of artificial intelligence and a significant one.

Others are not which is the internet of things and next is a cloud. It is primarily related with sensing part that how machines perceive different things and objects using sensory input. It is a critical field, and the other is the cloud. Cloud is all about data and data and lots of data. Our all data is acquired on cloud and then used in the artificial intelligence field.

ai is everywhere

Where Artificial Intelligence is implemented already


Future is all about artificial intelligence, and it is already implemented in so many fields in our lives.

We witness so many uses of ai in our lives. Medical sciences, electronics and other fields like robotics which is a relatively new field are implementing AI already. The scope is great of artificial intelligence in these fields. We see robots on televisions which are working, and they work and act in the same way as humans do. Robotics is just an example.

AI is implemented in almost every field and very directly speaking it is enhancing every field. Every field is just becoming better day by day with the use of AI. Future all depends on the implementation of AI. Everyone wants comfortable lives without much difficulty, and AI is providing that. AI is implemented in the field of health and medicine. Then it is implemented in the field of management and industry also. So many businesses rely on artificial intelligence.


Almost every country is open for implementation of AI in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry needs more productivity and more and more accuracy. AI provides all these things and countries which are implementing AI in the manufacturing industry have seen a massive rise in the productivity and manufacturing. AI is making manufacturing industry better as it is helping in making cars and planes better. Take an example. In the past testing of airbags cost a lot of money to the manufacturing industry.

self driving car Google

The vehicle which was to be tested was directly exposed to the accident like the situation to test its airbags. This cost a lot of money to the manufacturing industry. A car is worth a lot of money. But with the arrival of AI life has become easy for the manufacturing industry as all the testing of airbags nowadays is done on computers, and the results are very accurate.

This is just a small example. AI is assisting in building cars, planes and moreover building bridges. So we can say the future is indeed bright. A lot of implementation has been done, but there is a long way to go.

Who would have imagined that we would witness robots but everything is happening and it is just because of AI?

Educational field is also very much influenced by the area of robots are teaching students about every subject. The future of AI in every area is bright, and surely it would make our lives better and beautiful.

Self-driving car will be the next amazing future controlled by Artificial intelligence completely. People will no longer need to drive and worry about traffic, the car will be able to handle all of this by itself, providing safety and comfort while you’re doing your own stuff!

A lot of research is going and undoubtedly has a lot of ways to cover and beautiful future of AI is miles ahead, but it is inevitable. So it can be safely said that is helping in ameliorating almost every possible field.

AI in social media

  •    Social media

We talked about a lot of fields where artificial intelligence is implemented, but there is another vast field where AI is implemented. We all are part of social media nowadays, and everyone runs an account on Facebook and Instagram. AI is also working to make this field of social media better and great. There are a lot of ways in which AI is assisting in the area of social media.


Different types of mobile phones have come, and in almost every phone AI is implemented. If we see benefits, we have got chatbots which are helpful to us in many different ways.


Take the example of Siri and Google assistant. Siri is an excellent example of chatbot. Siri would help you in every possible way, and no one would have imagined something like Siri, and it has just become possible. Take another example of Alexa. Everything can be done with the help of Alexa.

It would remind you of everything. No need to worry when Alexa is there. Alexa can search on the internet for you. Alexa can set your alarms, appointments and these are just small things. AI has made everything possible. Alexa is a concept of the smart home where we do not need to worry about anything. Alexa is there and will do everything for you. So simple lives would become. Everyone uses Facebook, and there are lots of problems with Facebook customer service, and AI is used to make customer service better by Facebook. So there are endless limits of use of AI in social media.

AI is used in email spam filtration, and this is making our lives better. Facial recognition is another excellent example of AI. You can change your appearance, but your phone will recognize you. A lot of research is going on. To make your experience better on social media AI is working in a significant way. So a lot is going on social media, and AI is making it easy and better day by day.

  •    Artificial Intelligence will help bloggers

Social marketing is a favorite field, and a lot is going in social marketing these days, and AI is also helping to make it better. To become a successful blogger, one needs to write great content, but it is not enough.

AI will help bloggers


The content must target your audience. What is the significance of incredible content which is not read by the targeted audience? There is no use. But no worries. It can help in a great deal. New algorithms are designed, and new techniques are used through appropriate audience can be targeted. So it will help in a significant way. Time will be saved, and there would be more and more traffic on bloggers website. Everyone wants something different, and you will get to know changes in preferences of your audience.

In this way, you can target the appropriate audience as you will post only what people want. Quality of content can also be made better, and it will lure more and more people. There is a prediction that in social marketing AI is future and it is rightly predicted.

Bloggers will earn more money by targeting the audience which loves to read their content.

Google is using AI in a significant way in social marketing or content marketing by suggesting keywords which are appropriate for the audience, and it has helped the bloggers in a great deal. Surely there is a long way to go to make everything perfect, but things are going at a steady pace. Future of blogging and social marketing is all about AI.

The content must target your audience

Final Thoughts

We discussed a lot about AI and also many different ways in which it is used. So many fields depend on it. So many prominent and renowned Universities are working in this field.

Now the question arises what we can do. To make our lives we need to understand and how it is and will be used in daily lives. It is time to appreciate this filed and it is future and lives won’t be possible without artificial intelligence in the future. People earn money to make lives better and comfortable.

We need to understand that AI is future and it is boon for our society.

AI is the result of so many great minds all around the world, and one must appreciate them by using this great discovery in a right manner. So it is time to encourage this field and appreciate it in a significant way. Do not take this excellent boon for granted. It is future, and it is time of acknowledge this boon and bask in its future miracles which we will witness in coming times

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