Digital promotion as the word itself suggests is the mode of advertising the goods or services with the help of the electronic media.
Digital promotion as the word itself suggests is the mode of advertising the goods or services with the help of the electronic media. In the method of the digital promotion, there can be both one and more than one electronic medium used for the purpose of advertising the goods and the services.

Digital promotion strategy, on the other hand, is the method of answering or solving those problems that pose their ways in the process of the digital promotion. It is similar to that of the business strategy, the only difference being that the digital promotion strategy is related to the type of business that sells their goods and services online or through the internet.

The process of the digital promotion strategy includes the following steps:

  • Identify the problems or challenges, where one can provide a solution.
  • Developing the plans and the strategies to tackle those challenges and the problems.
  • Implementation of the developed plans and strategies.
  • Taking a proper follow up on the plans.

Therefore by following these steps, one can implement digital promotion strategy in the true and the best form.



The steps for an effective digital strategy are as follows:


This is the most basic and the very first step of growing the business online as well as increasing the traffic on your website. The target audience is the people for whom the goods and services are to be sold online. Therefore the target audience should be chosen according to the goods and services that the business is offering.

  • CREATING VALUE CONTENT: The second important thing is to create good quality content and also to boost the traffic by making the content original as well as authentic. The content that is repetitive and copied is generally not a method of traffic booster.


search engine optimization or SEO is a technique for growing the business online and to increase the traffic on the websites.


globalization has now become the part and parcel of the world economy nowadays. People from one country can order things from another country and vice versa. Thanks to the global market developments and the increased growth of the internet and digital marketing. After starting the online business, one should always aim at going global and selling the goods and services across the globe.


The main and important step of growing traffic in the online business is the careful maintence of the websites that conduct such business and also delivering the content for the people as quickly as possible. The more the lag in this process the lesser the people will show the interest in the business.


Selection of the right tool for the right digital promotion strategy is also very important as well as a technical step that is to be undertaken by the business owner and therefore such step should be taken very carefully and properly. Sometimes one has to use a combination of the various available tools for the best and effective digital promotion strategy.


  • BUFFER: This one is the most popular tool in the social marketing industry. The main use of the buffer tool is to automate or schedule the post across any of the social media platform. There is an option of selecting whether the post is to be sent every day, weekdays etc.
  • SPROUT SOCIAL: This is known as all in one or all pervasive social media marketing tool that is used in the industry. It is basically used by the managers to foresee their subordinates or employees, whether they are working in the described manner or not.
  • MEETEDGAR: This is a type of recycling tool that helps in the recycling the older post and scheduling the to be used in some way or the other. This is also used widely in the social media industry.
  • HOOTSUITE: This tool is specially designed for the newbies or the amateurs that have only recently joined the social media marketing. There is a free version available and also the paid promotions are quite cheap and easy to use.
  • IFTTT: IFTTT stand for of then, then what. It is a powerful social media marketing tool that is used by the professionals around the world. It automates and combines the various tools that are to be used and increase the effectiveness of the social media marketing.
  • BUZZSUMO: This is one of the most used and one of the most popular used social media marketing tool in the industry. It serves as one of the best ways to learn and explore the new ideas and techniques for the social media as well as content marketing.
  • OKTOPOST: This tool is specially designed for social media management and is widely used by the B2B firms and companies. It helps to make the social media management more effective and efficient.
  • TAGBOARD: This is a unique and creative social listening tool that is being developed to explore new ideas and to understand what is to be posted and how well our audience is engaged.
  • FOLLOWERWONK: This tool is specially designed for the twitter users or the ones who does twitter marketing. The main work of this tool is to analyse the twitter audience and it also suggest the people that should be followed in order to make our business grow.
  • EVERYPOST: This is one stop tool for creating content on the various social marketing platforms like twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc. the main job of this tool is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of each post that one shares.
  • BITLY: This is one of the diverse use social media marketing tool. This tool is used for the purpose of shortening the length of the various URLs so that they can be fitted in the various social media platforms easily and looks good.
  • CROWDBOOSTER: This is the one tool that is used to take the follow up for the all the social media marketing campaign that one has undertaken, by the means of graphs, charts, etc.
  • AUDISENSE: This is the one tool you need if you want to target the specific audience or the particular good and service. This tool helps in finding such target audience and also understand and analyse the audience.
  • TWEEPI: This tool also being designed for the twitter users or the ones who does twitter marketing. The main job of this tool is to increase the followers of twitter so that one can make his business reach across various people.

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