The advantages of artificial intelligence in social media

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing but the stimulation of human Intelligence program that is organized by machine and is mainly implemented in computer systems.

What’s AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing but the stimulation of human Intelligence program that is organized by machine and is mainly implemented in computer systems. In the process of artificial intelligence, the different processes include learning, reasoning, and self-control. In addition to that, there is also the practical application of AI that is used in speech identification, machine vision as well as expert systems.

However, the artificial intelligence always makes it very easy for the machines in order to learn from experience and also get stimulated with the new inputs thereby performing the human-like task. And there are also many different types of AI is available and they are termed as,

  • Reactive machine: The AI gets reacted to the human activities very easily.
  • Limited memory: The AI has less memory compared with other intelligence systems.
  • Theory of mind: In fact, this is known as a psychological term where the intelligence is performed based on the theory of mind.
  • Self-awareness: Some of the AI often has self-awareness and react as per the situation.

There are also many examples that resemble artificial intelligence. Moreover, AI has also find used in lots of applications all over the world. Therefore it can perform different task making it more efficient than human thereby enabling business in order to gain more insight out of their information.

Where is AI implemented already?

Where is AI implemented already?

The AI has become one of the biggest advantages and is also implemented in lots of business sectors. More than 61% of business uses AI as most of the companies have already started realizing its benefits. Well, it is too good to be true that the AI is actually being used by most of the Enterprises.

Predictive analytics (25%), machine learning (22%), and natural language processing or generation (14%) top the list of most widely used AI-powered solutions, followed by voice recognition and response (14%), virtual personal assistants/chatbots (11%), and diagnosis/recommendation engines (11%). In other business sectors such as business intelligence (90%), finance (87%), compliance/risk (55%), product management (68%), marketing/sales (77%), and communications (43%) and many more.

  • Smart Cars:

Well, the AI is also very implemented in Smart Car Technologies. This is making you closer to technology. By using this technology you can enjoy lots of facilities like listening to music, intelligence driving and many more. This is something more interesting as though the car is virtually existing.

  • Planes:

Even the Aerospace has become technically advanced with artificial intelligence. The plane makers are also showing interest in order to build an autonomous airline using artificial intelligence. However, this will help in providing the industry with a solid incentive for developing an AI.

  • Bridges:

For the constructional purposes like bridges the AI techniques can also be employed. This is used in order to focus especially on the design and maintenance. Both of them are essential in the bridge engineering. Making use of the future AI Technology the bridge’s construction can be pushed to the next level.

  • Building:

The AI is also taking place in the construction and business sector as well. It finds a lot of additional benefits upon which the human workforce is completely reduced. For instance, if there are any structural problems within a building by using AI the engineers can very easily take them. This will help them to be more careful and the AI will also provide alternative solutions. Throughout the work in collaboration along with the engineer, AI can also help in assisting from time to time and also more beneficial in saving time as well as money that is invested in the labor.

Artificial intelligence in Social Media

The AI has also taken place in social media. With the help of AI, it has become very easy for the people to share posts on lots of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and so on. And the benefits are extended beyond that.  Seek authentic, real-time interactions with leads and customers via social media. For example, Considering any social media network sometimes they are fraud accounts.

With the help of AI, it has become very easy to detect. This helps the individuals to be more safe and secure. Identification of faces and fake accounts can also be very easy and quick. So that you can avoid those accounts and can create security for yourself. In the social media networking, you can make use of AI so that it will also help a traffic booster.  And in fact, there are many benefits such as,

  • Customer support:

The AI will provide hundred percent customer support making you get updated from time to time. You will also know about the threats or in other misc actions that take place.  It is even tho that it is not practically possible to provide 24/7 customer service to the customers. However, the AI has a significant importance which can solve any problem of the individuals.

  • Face recognition on Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media network where AI has also find its place. Therefore the tagging function has become very easy. It also saves a lot of time for the people who would like to type others, especially on images. As the 8 I will help in recognizing the people on the image by using recognition Technology. Even in the future, this technology will be involved in order to recommend different options and products.

  • Email spam filtration:

When you simply open your mail it is very difficult for you to detect whether it is spam mail or not. However, the AI has the capacity to identify the spam emails and inform you. So that you can take proper actions.

  • Pinterest and Kosei:

Pinterest is never lagging behind in terms of using AI. Kosei is acquired by Pinterest and it is allowed in progress making Pinterest make it more unique in order to provide the personalized recommendation features. However, the Pinterest can be very easily used in order to provide a recommendation based on the user-specific research and interest.

  • Voice control:

Sometimes it’s really very difficult to have voice control especially during the conversations. Manually it’s really very difficult to maintain balanced voice levels. This can be easily progressed and maintained by using AI Technology. Apart from that it also keeps on monitoring everything. This is ensured that the voice modulation is done as per the requirements.

  • LinkedIn and Bright:

Both LinkedIn and Bright have been working together in order to improve its features. Considering Bright is a job search platform that is officially required by LinkedIn. It uses AI and even the machine has the capability to provide recommendations regarding the job search. In addition to that, it also provides information related to the description of the job, location, job hiring process and many more.

Making use of AI in terms of social media strategy can really benefit a lot and also reduces negative impacts. In future also this could be one of the best technology that will help the individuals to gain anything very easily.

How AI will help bloggers

To be more specific artificial intelligence also has the capacity to help the bloggers. One of the toughest challenge marketers often face is to make use of AI Technology for blogging. Well, the blocks have the capacity to attract and convey a message to a wide range of audience. If you are interested in creating a blog that quickly gets exist then make use of AI Technology.

They will help in blog intelligence, selection of topic and writing on it. More than 34% of the market as often convey that it is very easy to make use of AI to create excellent blogs. It has the potential capability to become more specific and provide creative content. In fact, it is true to say that it is more effective to be a traffic booster.

So here you will find how AI will help in improving your overall traffic and quality of the content that it provides.

Automatically improves the grammar:

With the help of AI Technology, you can very easily make use of grammar checking tool that will help to improve your blog. This tool will enable you to find grammatical errors and correct them automatically. This can also be added to the Chrome plugins, therefore, it is enabled to use anyways. Proper grammar is always essential for the blog that will draw the attention of people.

  • Automatically improve content quality:

Improving the quality of the content is also essential. You cannot really achieve hundred percent quality content manually. Making use of AI will give an extraordinary and highly improved content. This will help in increasing the traffic that also draws the attention of the audience.

  • Selection of topic:

Sometimes you may not know how to select the topic. The AI has the capacity to go through the topic research. And then it will automatically find some extraordinary topic that will suit you. So you can easily go with such type of topic selections that will directly target the audience.

  • You can make your blog more intelligent:

With the help of AI technology, your blog will look more enhanced and intelligent. You can also gain the competitive advantages by using artificial technologies. This will, however, help in making the blog look more attractive and will also generate lots of traffic. So making use of this technology especially for bloggers is always the biggest boon. Therefore, make use of technology in a proper way as this will benefit you in lots of ways.

  • Social management tools 

Using the intelligence of social management dashboard you can boost more traffic to your website. Improve your social share and engage with the bigger audience. A while back we did a review of the best available social marketing tools out there. 


However, the artificial intelligence has found its place everywhere. So if you want to be successful in your business it is good if you can make use of AI technology. However, this could be one of the basic requirements for a business to stay away from competition.

Whatever business you are doing you should always think out of the box and analyze future and implement new technologies. This will help you to stay away from the competition. Finally, the invasion of AI is inevitable and if you can learn how to use it in a proper way then you will find betterment in everything.

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