The best social management tools to run your campaigns

There are plenty of social management tools which you can use.

Social media plays a vital role in marketing and promotion these days. Having an active presence on all social networks helps a lot in building a brand or company. There are multiple social sites available who have millions of users. And targeting those people to promote your brand or product is very easy. Just make accounts on social networks and get in touch with millions of people. But keep in mind that there are too many social sites and you can’t manage all at once. So, what to do?

Here is a solution for your problem. Just use a social management tool. Now, you will be thinking what’s a social manager tool? Well, in this article you will be finding the information about what’s social manager tool and what are the best social management tools to run your business.

What’s a Social Managment Tool

It is a tool which helps you to manage all your social accounts in one place. With the help of these tools, you can post whatever you want to post on different social sites from one place. Moreover, you can schedule your posts, it means if you want to submit multiple posts at multiple timings, just schedule your posts and use the tool will do the rest for you. It is quite a time-saving tool as you don’t have to go to individual sites to post the same thing. You can also analyze your social media marketing campaigns with these tools. If you are not managing all your social accounts with such type of tool, then believe me you cannot compete for the social media competition.

Create a plan how to embed your social tool into your strategy

If you don’t have any strategy about how to use social media tools, then you cannot survive in this competitive industry. There are many social media tools available in the market and choosing the right one is very difficult. Here, I will be discussing the HootSuite, the tool I use for social management. It is one of the oldest social media tools which offers some really great features. This is the best tool for managing social media accounts. With the help of this tool, you can monitor

HootSuite is one of the best tools out there and with the help of this tool you can manage your all major social network accounts in one place. You can schedule your posts. For example, if you want to publish multiple posts but don’t want to post them at once, then you can set the timing for each post. After scheduling your posts will be published automatically one by one.

  • First of all, create a HootSuite account.
  • After that add your all social accounts.
  • Now, set up the streams so that you can monitor conversations and engagement with the customer.
  • Get in touch with your audience. Publish message from Hootsuite. By doing this you can grow your audience. Moreover, you can send a single message to the multiple social account user.

The right tool for the right strategy

There are plenty of social management tools which you can use. If you want to run a successful social campaign you must pick up a right tool. All tools have some different features and you can use any of your choice which best matches your strategy.

The best Social Management Tools to run your campaigns

Sendible It is an awesome social management tool. Its priority inbox brings all your social messages from multiple social accounts at one place. It is very easy to engage with your audience with this tool. You can schedule your posts and make in-depth social media reports.

Sendible official site

Agorapulse It is a simple and easy tool for teams and agencies. It also has a social inbox from where you can read all your messages. You can schedule your content by pre-selecting date and time. Agorapule provides a detail report of the performance of your post and account which will save lots of time.

Agorapluse official site

Sprout Social It is one of the leading social media platforms which is used by the team of all sizes. Sprout Social has a single stream inbox from where you can read and reply all your messages. For teams, they provide some extra features to share the workload. This tool also allows you to schedule posts. Besides that, their ViralPost tool determines the best time to post your content and messages.

Sprout Social site official

Mavsocial – This tool focus on visual. It also has a social inbox which allows you to manage all messages and notifications. You can schedule and re-schedule your posts in Mavsocial. This tool also provides a detailed report of your campaigns.

Mavsocial official site

Tailwind – It is a tool for Pinterest and Instagram users. Smart Queue is the feature of tailwind which helps you to pin and post at the best times. It also provides a detailed report of your campaigns.

Tailwind official site

Audit all your channels and how to funnel them to the right direction

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram are the most used social networks. The Number of people who uses these sites is very high. Now I am writing about how you can audit your channels and funnel them to the right direction so that you can achieve the desired results.

facebook logo

Facebook  – Facebook has billions of users. Make a Facebook page to reach them. You can promote your page to get more likes and followers. Moreover, you can promote the link you posted. And in no time your post will be visible to thousands of people, which will help your business. When your pages become popular you will automatically get new likes and followers as Facebook shows your page to the people who have similar interest as of your page.

twitter logo

Twitter – Twitter is also used by millions of people. You can sign up and tweet about what you want to promote. If you want to reach more people in less time, just promote your tweets. You can promote your twitter page to frequently increase your followers on Twitter.


Instagram logo

InstagramInstagram is mainly used for infographics. If you want to share videos and images, Instagram is the best place. For quick results, you can promote your posts or you can reach out to the famous Instagram people or pages and ask them to post your images or videos.

linkedin logo

Linkedin – This site is used for business purposes. Having one page on Linkedin is equal to having hundreds of pages on Facebook and Twitter. You can build your business contacts on Linkedin.


So, all I want to say that social media is one of the best ways to build your audience and business and social management tools help you to create and run successful campaigns. By managing your social accounts will definitely grow your business because there are many people who use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram etc. Just keep in mind before using these tools that pick the tool according to your requirement and strategy. Using the best social management tools to run your campaigns will help you to save time and money. And you can rule the market by implementing some great strategies.

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